80km Paved and Gravel
Rolling Hills Up to 10 riders
Summer & Fall $80+HST/daily per person based on a group of 6 (self-guided)

The Almaguin Highlands Region includes 175km of the Trans Canada Trail, 80km of which uses the old Nipissing Road, one of the great gravel cycling routes accessible from Missing Link Adventure Tours.  The terrain and surface  type is variable across the region, and we can help ensure your experience is aligned with your preferences.

“The Nipissing Road is The Ontario Ghost Trail. It was once home to many settlements of hopeful pioneers, now is guarded by their abandoned log cabins and weathered barns. The Nipissing Road was one of a network of colonization roads devised by government of the Province of Canada in 1850. The road runs through the centre of the Parry Sound District between highways 69 and 11. Parts of the road surface are now paved with tar and stone. This tour begins in Rousseau, but you can start it any place along the trail. The road/trail is excellent for the mountain bike enthusiast. The route offers a range of challenges from the “family” rider to the dedicated avid cyclist.”

Courtesy of Nipissing Road & Trans Canada Trail websites.

Take a few days to explore the historic routes that connect Muskoka, Parry Sound, Loring-Restoule and the Almaguin Highlands, across to Algonquin Park and north into Nipissing District.

Our local knowledge and central location can support day trip outings while still enjoying accommodation and meal plan options at The LINNK.

Estimated Cost – example based on group of 6:

  • Self-guided: $80+HST/day per person
  • Guided: $100 + HST/day per person (availability to be confirmed prior to arrival)
  • Optional Meal Plan: $150/day per person (availability to be confirmed prior to arrival)

Group of 6 example – the all inclusive daily per person rate is approximately $230+HST.

Group of 8 example – the all inclusive daily per person rate is approximately $212+HST.

All inclusive includes accommodation, meal plan, custom route and ride guide.