We revived the gardens of the old farmstead.  We have built the trails and ridden the endless backroads that criss-cross the region.  We have met with many partners that are eager to provide a taste of Almaguin’s food, culture and art, while you take a break from your ride. As we developed and refined our retreat options, we have hosted first-timers to national champions. The last piece, literally our “Missing Link”, has been the place to welcome guests to our farm, to prepare and provide the fresh harvested meals and to gather before and after the days adventures, before resting for the next.  This link is now being built.

Like the thought of a swim, butter tart our cold beer that creeps into your head late in a great ride, as we grind through this build, we think of those we will welcome and the experiences we will share.

Footing Forms – August 31, 2019

Forming the footing at MLAT