Having grown up in Huntsville, Ontario, Rob and Julia feel at home when the horizon is tree lined and dirt or water routes are close at hand.

Rob learned to ride Mountain Bikes on the rugged sections of The Great Trail (Trans Canada Trail), north of Huntsville, and did his time as the “kid” trying to hang on with the “experienced” riders during the local weekly Tuesday Night Rides from Schreiners’, and later, Algonquin Outfitters. Hours spent hanging out at the shop progressed into wrenching on bikes, helping customers select their first bike or update their existing bike and gear and growing from trailing to leading the weekly rides.

Adventure Races, a dose of Triathlons, MTB O-Cups and 24 Hour MTB team and solo adventures highlighted the early part of his 25+ years of cycling, but it was always the social group ride and exploring new routes that brought on the biggest grin. A few years in Ottawa and Gatineau Parc ingrained a love of the road ride. In 2010, when discussion about moving back home began, the plan for Missing Link Adventure Tours, a place for new and experienced cyclists and adventure racers, started to come together.

Currently, Rob is an organizing member of Almaguin In Motion, the regional squad of social riders and cycling advocates, and organizes the Sprucedale Community Bike Ride, in partnership with the McMurrich/Montieth Recreation committee, as well as organizing and participating in other community events.

Julia has worked in the environmental field for 15 years, with a focus on native plants, shoreline naturalization, stream monitoring and fish habitat restoration in Ottawa, Haliburton, Georgian Bay and Almaguin Highlands. Julia is inspired by the idea of restoration, and that while it is crucial to conserve and protect pristine areas and wild spaces, it is also important to take environmentally degraded areas and make them better, which she incorporates into her gardening practices. Julia runs the farm, cooks and helps to manage MLAT. She operates Sweetfern Consulting on the side, which specializes in native plants and shoreline restoration. Julia is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and feels most comfortable in and on the water. Julia is keenly engaged with furthering local and sustainable food and farming efforts.

When not riding or working in the gardens, we are often exploring the woods and water with our dog, Salo.

Recent highlights:

  • Race Across AMerica (RAAM) support crew for Canadian RAAM record holder, Jason Lane.
  • Hosting the first Cyclocross day in Almaguin, at Missing Link Adventure Tours.
  • Joining the pit crew for the Garneau Easton p/b Transitions LifeCare Cyclocross Team at the 2018 PanAm Championships and 2018 Canadian Cyclocross National Championships